What is Deep Tissue Laser Therapy?


Fort Lee NJ Deep Tissue Laser TherapyDeep Tissue Laser Therapy is a treatment that helps promote healing after an injury or surgery through the use of lasers. It is a successful therapy for a variety of injuries and for the treatment of chronic pain. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy uses a photochemical reaction to block nitric acid which is produced when cells have become stressed by injury. Nitric acid causes a decrease in oxygen within a cell, thus lowering the level of energy it contains. Laser Therapy blocks the nitric acid and promotes healing. Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee offers the benefits of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy pain treatment after injury.  This treatment is administered with the use of a Light Force Therapy Laser.


When Is Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Used?


Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is used as an alternative to medication after surgery. It is also used to treat chronic pain from injury without medication, and possibly avoiding surgery. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy can be used for the following:

  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Migraines
  • TMJ
  • Sciatica
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Bursitis
  • Sports Injuries

Seek Treatment With Deep Tissue Laser Therapy


If you are suffering chronic pain or discomfort related to an injury, the benefits of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy are numerous. It is a non-invasive form of treatment and focuses directly on the injured tissue. It is always our goal at Elite Spine and Sports Care of Fort Lee to treat pain without medication or surgery. Get in touch with our team at Elite Spine and learn about the excellent pain treatment we offer, including Deep Tissue Laser Therapy. We can be reached at (201) 592-0800.


Is My Insurance Plan Accepted?


Fort Lee NJ Insurance PlansElite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee accepts many insurance plans and we list some of them on our website. If your plan is not listed, we suggest you call us and verify that your plan is accepted. We want everyone to have access to the excellent services provided by Elite Spine.



Examples of Insurance Plans Accepted by Elite Spine in Fort Lee


………..and so many more!


Important Health Care Services are Covered by Insurance


Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee is dedicated to serving our patients with the best Physical Therapy techniques available. Our staff is well trained and experienced at working with our patients toward relief from debilitating pain and discomfort after injury or surgery. We want everyone to have the ability to enjoy life to the fullest, and not have recurring aches or pains. For full service pain and discomfort relief call Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee to consult with our staff. While receiving the most professional physical therapy treatment you can rest assured many insurance plans are accepted by Elite Spine. We can be reached at (201) 592-0800.


What is Achilles Tendinitis?


Fort Lee NJ Physical Therapy TreatmentAchilles Tendinitis is an injury to the achilles tendon. This is the tissue that connects calf muscles at the back of the lower leg to your heel. This type of injury usually happens to runners from overuse of the achilles tendon by increasing the intensity or length of time of running. This can be a very painful foot ailment that often leads to Plantar Fasciitis. This is the reason treating Achilles Tendinitis and Plantar Fasciitis are often linked together.


What Is Plantar Fasciitis?


Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation of the tissue along the bottom of your foot that connects your heel bone to your toes. It can be a very painful issue. Plantar Fasciitis is very often caused by Achilles Tendinitis, or overuse of the leg muscles. The inflammation caused by the pounding stress on your feet from running causes the tendon to tighten and lead to Plantar Fasciitis.


How are Achilles Tendinitis and Plantar Fasciitis Treated?


At Elite Spine and Sports Care of Fort Lee we treat these two issues with Deep Tissue Laser Therapy. This treatment is deep-laserachieved with the use of the LightForce Therapy Laser. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a drug-free, surgery-free treatment that relieves pain and discomfort in a non-invasive way. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a process that uses laser energy to promote cellular activity deep inside the problem area. As the laser goes over the exterior of the skin, the Lightforce machine emits low-frequency lasers into the body. The changes created by these lasers relieve pain and promote fast healing.

Get Back to Running and Staying Fit


The occurrence of Achilles Tendinitis and Plantar Fasciitis can curtail physical activity, especially running. If this is your preferred way of exercising, you are at a standstill while you undergo treatment. Let the experienced physical therapists at Elite Spine offer Deep Tissue Laser Therapy to relieve the pain associated with Achilles Tendinitis and Plantar Fasciitis. If you are a runner and are sidelined by pain, call Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee today at (201) 592-0800. Our trained staff can determine the cause of the pain and offer the best treatment therapy.

Physical Therapy After A Cortisone Shot

What Is Cortisone?


Cortisone, or Corticosteroids, are commonly used in the medical industry. Cortisone is synthetic and not produced naturally by the body. It is a steroid usually used to reduce inflammation. This substance is also used to treat allergic reactions, osteoarthritus, some skin conditions and joint pain. It comes in different forms – pills, inhalers, creams, and in its most common form, intravenous injection.


When Is Cortisone Recommended?


fort lee nj deep tissue laser therapyA cortisone shot is administered to help reduce inflammation. Usually it is used to treat a specific area such as the elbow, knee or shoulder. When inflammation is reduced, pain and discomfort are alleviated for up to several months after receiving the shot. Due to this long-term pain relief effect, cortisone shots have become quite common in the pain management industry.


Cortisone And Physical Therapy


Pain management physicians know the importance of following a cortisone shot with a physical therapy regimen. While the injection will reduce inflammation and reduce pain, the cause of the pain is still a problem. Physical Therapy is an active solution to help reduce this pain and increase range of motion, strength and stamina. As the pain disappears, the physical action helps to avoid future shots and medication.

Typically you should schedule a Physical Therapy appointment the day after a cortisone shot. The Physical Therapists at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee can design a plan that suits your specific injury and goals. Adhering to a Physical Therapy plan after a cortisone shot will extend the pain relief effect of the corticosteroid treatment and prevent any future reoccurrence. Our therapists will work with you to increase strength in the affected area, build muscle and increase blood flow. They will start you out doing small repetitive movements. By gradually increasing the range of motion, your joints will heal and become stronger, preventing a relapse. After several sessions, you should enjoy painless movement and get back to having the active physical abilities you previously enjoyed.


Schedule Post-Cortisone Shot Physical Therapy


If your doctor has given you a cortisone shot for inflammation, or you are scheduled to receive one, call Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee for an appointment with our Physical Therapists. We will build a plan that decreases pain, but increases your ability to move. It will also help extend the pain relief effect of the cortisone shot. Give us a call today at (201) 592-0800.

Rehabilitation Post Total Knee Replacement

What Should You Expect After a Total Knee Replacement


Fort Lee NJ Total Knee Replacement TherapyThe knees are the largest joints in the body, and they are irreplaceable for mobility. Without the use of your knees you are incapacitated and struggling to move. Everyday activities like walking, playing with your children, or doing anything that requires knee-bending become impossible. You may even be bedridden because of the pain and lack of ability to move. There are outpatient treatments for knee pain such as physical therapy or even cortisone shots. If the pain is too debilitating you might need to consider a Total Knee Replacement. This is a surgery that continues to be perfected and most patients have a great recovery success rate.  Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee offers rehabilitation post Total Knee Replacement.


The First Few Days After a Total Knee Replacement


There is more to the Knee Replacement process than just the surgery. In order to heal and use that new knee, a patient follows a course of physical therapy, pain management and rehabilitation after Total Knee Replacement.

Most patients spend about 3 to 5 days in the hospital after a Total Knee Replacement. You will not be bedridden for all this time. When you have awakened from your surgery, the in-patient physical therapist will be working with you using a Continuous Passive Motion Machine (CPM). This machine will gently move the leg and knee to stop scar tissue from building up and prevent stiffness from setting in. You can expect to be out of bed the next day! Knee Replacement is intensive surgery, but it is important to keep moving and get back to being active. The in-patient physical therapist will get you sitting up, out of the bed, and walking with a walker. It is important to become active, but you should take is slow. The therapist will show you in-bed exercises to do between standing and walking sessions. The whole focus in those first days after a Total Knee Replacement is to keep moving, gain strength and balance, and learn to walk with assistance.


The First Weeks After a Total Knee Replacement


Depending upon your age, weight, and level of activity you might be transferred to a sub-acute rehabilitation center to regain the ability to walk. Some patients regain strength to do this with assistance shortly after surgery, while others require more time.

Physical therapists help you focus on regaining strength, walking, and having range of motion in your knee. Every patient heals differently, and physical therapy will be an important part of healing correctly. Many Total Knee Replacement patients are able to walk with the assistance of a walker within the first or second week after surgery. This will allow the patient to travel to a physical therapy location to begin out-patient Physical Therapy. At Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee we offer post-surgery physical therapy for patients that have had a Total Knee Replacement.


After About 8 Weeks Following Total Knee Replacement


Those first few weeks after Total Knee Replacement surgery the therapy will be slow and steady. Then it’s time to pick up the pace with out-patient therapy. At Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee we have Physical Therapists who specialize in Knee Replacement post operative rehabilitation. At this stage of recuperation you should be able to walk with the use of a walker or other aid such as a cane. The out-patient therapy will challenge you to increase range of motion in your new knee, and regain strength in your quadriceps, hamstrings and hip muscles.

After about 6 weeks your recuperative therapy will be more strength focused. You will be taught exercises that help regain strength and balance in your legs, gradually getting you to walk without a walker. You should also be experiencing less pain around this time. Although physical therapy will play a large part in the elimination of pain, it is still recommended that you use ice to reduce swelling and discomfort.

After about 8 weeks you should expect to have very little pain, increased mobility, and feel more confident about walking without assistance. With balance being an important step to fully heal after Total Knee Replacement surgery, your therapist will add more balance and movement focused exercises to your treatment. Proper balance is necessary to prevent you from re-injuring yourself following surgery.


Seeking Physical Therapy After Total Knee Replacement


While Total Knee Replacement surgery is researched and planned, your doctor might be suggesting it because of extreme pain and trouble walking. This type of surgery has a very high success rate and generally leaves a patient with marked improvement in mobility and no pain. Every patient is unique, and requires different exercises for a full recovery. The Physical Therapists at Elite Spine are aware of this, and are here to help you every step of the way toward pain free mobility. We want you to get back to an active life with no discomfort caused by painful knees. For a consultation with our Physical Therapy staff after Total Knee Replacement surgery, call us at (201) 592-0800.

Physical Therapy Using Therapeutic Tape

Different Forms of Physical Therapy


therapeutic taping in Fort Lee

Physical Therapy is meant to relieve pain and restore health and strength after you have sustained an injury. It is also used after surgery. Physical Therapy heals joints and muscles so you can get back to everyday function and movement. Therapeutic Taping, or Kinesiology Taping is a form of Physical Therapy, and can work along with other types of rehabilitation. A Fort Lee Physical Therapist will be happy to discuss physical therapy using therapeutic tape and whether it is a good fit for your particular needs.


What is Kinesiology Tape?


Kinesiology Tape is bright colored tape used in Physical Therapy. It is applied to support tendons, muscles and joints in your shoulder, back, knees and arms. Standard athletic tape restricts joints, but Kinesiology Tape is flexible and makes movement easier while it supports the joint or muscle that has been injured and is giving you pain.


What Is Therapeutic Taping Used For?


Therapeutic Taping is used for several reasons. While it seems to be just pulling on your skin, the tape is helping the tissue underneath heal by increasing blood flow and movement. The application of Kinesiology Tape lengthens the effect of other physical therapy manipulatons. It also helps with the alignment of joints and aids the sensory nervous system on the path to recovery. The tape is often used post-surgery or in treating an injury to make recovery time shorter. Therapeutic taping us sometimes used to stop swelling and muscle spasms, and also to increase blood circulation. Injured athletes use it if they have difficulty getting their muscles to function properly.


Therapeutic Taping in Fort Lee


Our team at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee are trained in the many applications of Physical Therapy, including the use of Therapeutic Taping. If you have been injured or are recovering from surgery, give us a call at (201) 592-0800 to schedule a consultation regarding physical therapy treatment, and learn the benefits of Therapeutic Taping.


Offering Fort Lee NJ Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation During The Corona Virus Pandemic


physical therapy fort lee njAs the Covid-19 pandemic drags on, you may wonder if Elite Spine & Sports Care is open to administer to the well being of local Fort Lee and Bergen County NJ patients. Yes!, we are open during the Covid-19 Pandemic and will continue to be open to serve your health, rehabilitation, Chiropractic, spine & sports care needs.


We Are Following All CDC Protocols


We are following all precautions and adhering to CDC protocols to help prevent the spread of the virus. Along with cleaning and disinfecting surfaces between patients, we are wearing face coverings and gloves. We ask that patients wear masks as well. We are spacing appointments to keep everyone at a safe distance from each other. Staff and therapists are washing hands vigorously and often.

Our First Priority Is Your Health and Safety


Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee is always available to help relieve your pain and discomfort after injury or surgery. We are also experienced in pre-conditioning to prevent pain or injury. Our staff have been caring for people of all ages for many years and are experienced in all forms of physical therapy. We prefer to alleviate pain without surgery or medication. You can feel comfortable that we are here to treat your discomfort in a clean, safe environment where all Covid-19 precautions are being strictly followed. If you are experiencing pain or have been referred for physical therapy by a doctor, our therapists are here to help as always. Give us a call at (201) 592-0800 for an appointment.


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