Correct Body Mechanics for Everyday Movements


Correct Body Mechanics Fort Lee NJ

For daily movement of any kind, correct Body Mechanics are critical. Physical Therapists at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee NJ are experts at teaching you the proper way to move for performing certain common routine tasks. Knowing how to move is essential to protect your posture and your muscles. This knowledge helps avoid the pain and discomfort associated with lower back problems that result from poor posture. Lifting heavy objects or doing regular gardening chores requires bending and squatting. An experienced Bergen County Physical Therapist will coach you in how to do these simple everyday movements.  This will build strength, improve posture and avoid pain.


Bending and Squatting Correctly


Although we think of squats as an exercise for building muscles, it is also a movement used daily to perform routine tasks. Lifting or moving a heavy object requires bending and squatting. Tilting your hips toward the direction in which your body is facing and keeping your abdominal muscles engaged as you go up and down is the best way to bend and squat. You should use your leg muscles, not your back, to lower and raise your body when picking up or moving a heavy load. Fort Lee Physical Therapists are experts in proper body mechanics.


Protect your back!


Gardening is often the culprit in back pain, but there are many daily tasks that also contribute to this particular discomfort. Using correct movement when bending, squatting, reaching and pulling can make a huge difference in a pain-free result.  To reiterate, it is best to use your leg muscles for moving up and down.  Bending your back into a task will result in pain and discomfort. 


Seek Physical Therapy at Elite Spine


Elite Spine and Sports Care of Fort Lee provides specialized physical therapy, performed by our team of experienced practitioners.  We offer an approach to proper body mechanics, focusing on the prevention of pain. If you are already suffering from lower back pain or any other discomfort from incorrect movement, our therapists will help you overcome these problems. We want you to return to doing those everyday tasks and exercises that you enjoy. Call our facility now at (201) 592-0800, or visit us at 1622 Parker Avenue, Suite 2B, Fort Lee, NJ