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Cortisone, or Corticosteroids, are extremely common in the medical industry. Known for their powerful ability to reduce inflammation, Corticosteroids can be used to treat allergic reactions, osteoarthritis, skin conditions and various joint pains. This powerful medication comes in many forms, such as pills, inhalers, topical solutions, and most commonly, intravenous injection.

A Cortisone Shot is an intravenous or soft-tissue injection administered to help reduce inflammation in a specific area such as the elbow, knee or shoulder. When inflation is reduced, patients typically begin to feel less discomfort and decreased pain for up to several months following the injections. Because of these extended, pain-relieving effects, Cortisone Shots have become a staple in many Pain Management facilities.


How Do They Work Together?


Many Pain Management physicians understand the importance of following a Cortisone Shot with a Physical Therapy regimen. While the Corticosteroid injection will help reduce inflammation and, in turn, reduce pain for a period of time, there is still the underlying health issue that caused the pain in the first place. Physical Therapy is an active solution for pain that helps to not only relieve pain but to increase range of motion, strength, and stamina. By treating pain in this form, the patient can avoid painful shots and costly medications. 


Should I Get Physical Therapy After a Cortisone Shot?


It is typically recommended to schedule a Physical Therapy appointment 24-hours after a Cortisone shot. Your Fort Lee Physical Therapist can create a physical therapy plan that fits your specific injury and goals. By following a Physical Therapy plan after receiving a Cortisone Shot, you will be able to extend the pain-relieving effects of the Corticosteroid medication as well as prevent any potential future reoccurrences. 

Your Physical Therapist will work with you to increase your strength in the affected area, building up muscle and increasing blood flow. Starting light, your Physical Therapist may have you do some small, repetitive movements to increase range of motion. By gradually increasing the range of motion, your joints will not only heal but become stronger and less likely to become irritated again! After several sessions, you will regain the painless movement you used to experience.



Post-Cortisone Shot Physical Therapy at Elite Spine & Sports Care


If you’ve recently gotten a Cortisone Shot, or are scheduled to receive one, reach out to our Fort Lee Physical Therapists! Our physicians can help build a physical therapy plan to help you decrease pain, increase range of motion and prolong the effects of the Corticosteroid medication. Contact us today to schedule your Bergen County Physical Therapy appointment.