How Does Massage Therapy Work?

How Does Massage Therapy Work? What Conditions Can It Treat?

How Does Massage THerapy Work? Fort Lee NJMassage Therapy is a surprisingly common practice across the medical field. Although the most well-known purpose of a massage is for relaxation and stress relief, it can also be used to treat difficult medical conditions without the use of synthetic and potentially dangerous drugs. Massage Therapy has the potential to be a standalone or complementary therapeutic function to ensure the best medicinal results. Our Fort Lee Massage Therapists are trained to ensure you can get back into the action and feeling better as soon as possible, regardless of your condition.

What Is It?

Massage Therapy is a Soft Tissue Manipulation technique that helps to address and treat muscle fatigue, stress, and pain. However, the benefits don’t end there! Soft Tissue Manipulation helps to increase blood flow due to the pressure and movement experienced during massages. By increasing blood flow, Massage Therapists are able to promote natural healing to specific areas. Natural healing is a way to minimize or eliminate potentially dangerous medications.

What Conditions Does Massage Treat?

  • Low-back pain
  • Range of motion
  • Atrophied muscles
  • Recovery from strenuous workouts
  • Increase joint flexibility
  • Scar tissue and stretch marks
  • Post-op soreness and swelling
  • Spasms and cramping
  • Release endorphins/amino acids, the body’s natural painkiller
  • Migraine pain

Massages can be used in Physical Therapy to reduce pain and swelling as well as increasing range of motion and flexibility. The most important part of Physical Therapy is getting the body back to functioning like it once did. Massage allows Physical Therapists to work in localized areas to increase movement almost instantly!

Major Benefits For Athletes Too!

This method of treatment is commonly used in Physical Therapy for healing purposes following surgery, injury, or chronic pain but it also has major benefits for athletes! Because Massage is designed to help get the body back into motion, a therapy session following a sports injury can help to increase blood flow & range of motion while reducing pain and soreness allowing the athlete to get back in the game as soon as possible!

The Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee MT Team

The team of Physical Therapy experts at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee are ready to help you get back on your feet using Massage. Whether you’re an athlete or recovering from a surgery, the Physical Therapist are trained and certified to help you relieve your pain and increase your movement. Contact the Bergen County Massage Therapists at Elite Spine & Sports Care today to schedule your appointment!