The Importance of Keeping Foot Muscles Strong

The Importance of Keeping Foot Muscles Strong

Importance of Strengthening Foot Muscles | Elite Spine of Fort Lee

For athletic pursuits, whether professional, amateur, or just you and I exercising to stay healthy, feet are the foundation for strength and durability. If your feet hurt, you won’t be able to do anything physical effectively. So think about the importance of building and strengthening the muscles of your feet.


Why Is It Important to Pay Attention to Your Feet?

Feet are made up of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. All of these components play a role in absorbing your weight, and the shock of jumping, walking, or running. Basically, the feet are the bottom line in moving around. Proper shoes and socks help foot health, but basic foot exercise builds strength and performance. Over-use and under-use of your feet can equally lead to the need for attention.


Some Basic Foot Exercises

These exercises for your feet are basic and don’t involve equipment. They can usually be done anywhere. For more complicated foot manipulation, or if you have injured your foot, a physical therapy specialist should be involved.  The specialists at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee are trained to offer the highest quality physical therapy care.

Ball Roll – rolling each foot on a lacrosse ball for about a minute is a simple warm up that relieves the tension of wearing shoes.

Walking Barefoot – this is very basic and can be done anywhere, but so important. Your feet need the freedom of walking unshod to prevent atrophy. Try walking barefoot on varying terrain and for longer periods of time. Your feet will thank you. Going barefoot on sand is a great way to stretch and strengthen the feet.

Towel pull – While sitting wrap a rolled towel around the sole of your foot. Gently pull forward and you should feel a bit of tension. Try to hold this position for about 30 seconds per foot. This will feel good and will strengthen the muscles and tendons of the foot.

Tip-Toe – Just standing on the tips of the toes for a count of 15, three times a day will help strengthen the feet.

Toe Lifting – Picking up small items with your toes strengthens the muscles on the upper foot. Try this 3 times with the item being lifted for 15 seconds, then dropping the item. Marbles are a good example of items to be picked up by your foot.

Ankle Pump – Lift your foot off the floor and stretch toward the shin or toward the ground. Actually a few each way is really effective in a large range of movement for the foot muscles.


Preventing Foot Problems

Wearing appropriate footwear for activities is the first and easiest way to prevent foot aches and pains. Being overweight is also a factor in putting too much stress on your feet. Regularly exercising and stretching your feet can help make muscles provide support and increase the range of motion, allowing you to remain active.  Being pro-active in preventing foot problems is important.


Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee helps maintain foot health WITH PHYSICAL THERAPY

The specialists at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee are trained to offer physical therapy that is focused on gaining strength and durability after surgery or injury. Maintaining strong foot muscles is important for keeping your foundation strong and our therapists are available to help you do just that. When your feet are in sound condition, the rest of the body can respond to therapy and you can move around with more flexibility. This helps the body allow for rehabilitation and get you back to maximum good health. If you have foot pain, or feel you need the expertise of a physical therapist for foot problems, call Elite Spine & Sports Care of Fort Lee for an appointment at (201) 592-0800 or visit us at 1622 Parker Ave Suite 2B Fort Lee, NJ.