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What is Therapeutic Taping?

Fort Lee Therapeutic Taping ServicesThe ultimate goal of physical therapy is to relieve pain and restore you to being healthy and strong after sustaining an injury, or post-surgery. Physical Therapy helps heal joints and muscles so you can return to normal movement and function.  Therapeutic Taping or Kinesiology Taping is just one of several forms of physical therapy. Other types of physical rehabilitation such as massage manipulation and exercise can work alongside Therapeutic Taping.  If you are interested in this form of therapy, you should discuss Therapeutic Taping with your Fort Lee Physical Therapist.

What is Kinesiology Tape?

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Bright colored tape known as Kinesiology Tape is used in Physical Therapy. Typically, Kinesiology Tape is applied to support tendons, muscles, and joints in the shoulder, back, knees and arms. Standard athletic tape used in rehabilitation of sports injuries limits movement and restricts joints but Kinesiology Tape is flexible and is used to make movement easier while supporting the afflicted joint or muscle.

Why Use Taping in Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapists implement Therapeutic Taping for a variety of reasons.  This form of taping works to relieve pain, aid in movement and restore you to peak performance. It helps with the alignment of joints and aids the sensory nervous system along the path to recovery.  The application of Kinesiology Tape can help your blood flow, and lengthen the effect of other Physical Therapy manipulations.  Outwardly this tape is just pulling on your skin, however, It actually is doing much more than that!  As the tape tugs at your outer skin surface, it is helping the tissue underneath begin to heal with increased blood flow and movement.

When is Therapeutic Taping Used?

Therapeutic Taping, or Kinesiology Taping, is often implemented after surgery or during the treatment of an injury to help decrease recovery time.  It also helps injured athletes who may be having difficulty restoring function to their muscles.  Therapeutic Taping can be used to stop swelling and muscle spasms, and increase blood circulation.

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